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Hotel Mazarin

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Hotel Mazarin


Location: New Orleans, LA
Categories: Brand Identity, Website Design, Packaging Design

All of the so called 'historical luxury' hotels in New Orleans are doing the exact same thing... and not a very good job of it. They all have script monogram logos and fleur de lis paired with paisley patterns and fake crests. Hotel Mazarin needed a full rebrand that made them stand out among their competition. 

Now, Hotel Mazarin is the only luxury boutique hotel that truly embodies New Orleans history and culture in everything they do. These two concepts were the inspiration for the new identity. Elements were pulled from the historic French and Spanish architecture and the stories of Jules Mazarin and Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville (the founder of New Orleans) to create a brand experience that educates and enchants its customers including a custom font and patterns. Today, New Orleans is often referred to as the “most unique city” in America with its colorful buildings, crazy night life and culturally-mixed population. The quirkiness of this tropical, lively city is pulled into the brand through colors, iconography, typography and tonality to create a voice that finally stands out among its competition. 


*Project done at University