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Crumb & Grain


Location: New York City
Categories: Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Illustration, Website Design

Crumb & Grain is a gourmet bread bakery in New York City that specializes in farm-to-table, eco-friendly goods and products. C&G offers the freshest breads made from local ingredients to an audience that has become accustomed to takeout and processed foods. Crumb & Grain strives to bring farm fresh goods to Manhattan homes. 

The brand is heavily influenced by the blend of organic and urban. The straight, harsh lines found in the city combined with the organic curves of nature inspired a custom font. Detailed, natural illustrations are used with pops of neon throughout the brand to create a modern take on a bakery. Crumb & Grain supports a no-waste policy by using bread wrapping that has perforated recipe cards on the inside and reusable bags for discounted future purchases. The style reflects the celebration of bringing Crumb & Grain’s country heritage to the concrete jungle of NYC by doing their part to save the environment. 

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