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Project If

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Project If Anti-Gun Violence Campaign


Location: Nationwide
Categories: Advertising Campaign, Social Media

National Student Show - Best Advertising Campaign 2018

Gun violence has become an increasingly dangerous and prevalent problem in the United States. 92 people are killed everyday by guns on average in our country and in 2017, there were a record-setting 346 mass shootings and over 61,000 incidents. America has become an outlier on many gun violence charts across the board. The question we keep asking is when will enough be enough?

Project If is a campaign that promises change in America. It is passionate and emotion-driven with the purpose of reaching people through empathy and compassion. It is about telling the stories of those who no longer can and making a difference in their honor. Instead of focusing on statistics of gun violence, Project If is based on one of the most desperate phrases in the English language: “if only”. A phrase that controls the lives of those affected by gun violence. It is about exposing the raw, horrific emotions that victim’s families have to deal with for the rest of their lives. Handwritten, heartbreaking notes to lost loved ones combined with ripped pictures create a shocking image that truly hits home because anyone can imagine themselves in that position. It strives to make the problem personal to everyone by exposing strong emotions to inspire change. 


*Project done at University