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Juice Stop

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Juice Stop


Location: Lawrence, Kansas
Categories: Brand Identity, Website Design, Packaging

Juice Stop is a smoothie shop in Lawrence, Kansas that has been popular for over 30 years. Unfortunately, the branding was just as outdated. It felt dingy, old and unengaging. It didn’t honor the wonderful product that has such a good reputation around town. It needed a full re-brand to compete and stand out among the other shops downtown.

Juice Stop’s new brand identity celebrates the empowerment that comes from a healthy lifestyle. They promote good health and good vibes through fresh recipes, organic produce and empowering brand communication. It is bold, confident and dynamic. A clean and straightforward design style embodies the no B.S. approach. The custom, hand-drawn logo is strong and fluid while capturing the small, family-owned business concept. Simple, modern icons contrast with the logo to make a statement and show the tension between a small town shop with big city tastes. Other smoothie and juice shops typically use bright reds, yellows and greens, so Juice Stop embodied its “be different” motto and went the opposite direction with a mainly black and white color palette. However, pops of bright, fresh colors are used sparingly to keep the connection of an energetic, healthy juice store. Juice Stop is all about providing nutritious, tasty recipes while getting our customers excited about living a healthy, empowered lifestyle.


*Project done at University